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Humidifier & LED & Aromatherapy

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Air humidifier





Operating Voltage : DC3.7V

Working current : 200-300MA

Use power : 2W

Bottle capacity : 300ML

Spray volume : 40ml/h

Product Size : 116×116×112 mm    

Material : ABS + PP + Silicon

Product Weight: 255g


Package included:


1* Humidifier

1* USB Cable

1* USB Mini Fan

1* USB LED Light

1* Manual





1. Oil is not included in the package.

2. Do not add water over MAX line(less water, more mist)

3. Please use the Water-Soluble Essential Oils, which will help fill your space with more fragrance without affecting mist output.

4. We recommended that you clean the diffuser after each used to avoid clogging and other problems. Empty the water and gently wipe the water tank to dry. DO NOT wash the device directly under the water tap.

Attention: When Clean or replace the filter, please pay attention to the bottom spring at the end of the tube.


humidifier ultrasonic mist maker

portable led air humidifier essential oil diffuser



ultrasonic air humidifier





Beauty salon, SPA, Yoga, Bedroom, living room, conference room, office, reception center, corridor,

 pet room, toilet, baby room, hotel, hospital, or any other private/public places.

aromatherapy essential oil diffuser ultrasonic air



                A rechargeable battery inside could be used as a power bank.


aroma diffuser ultrasonic humidifier


Aroma essential oil diffuser



oil aromatherapy diffuser




1). Take top cover away.

2). Add water into the tank.

3). Connect to power by USB line.

4). Touch button for working.

5). Connect USB fan or LED light as you like when working.

If the battery is full charging, don’t need to connect the power.




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aroma air humidifier aromatherapy