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Ultra Sport Smartwatch

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Stylish Smartwatch

Fitness Tracker


The Watch strap is made of edible and environment-friendly silicone material,

Charging station is a high intensity magnetic suction charging type

Weight of the machine :52g

Comes in two-color design

Main screen 1.3-inch TFT round screen resolution 240×240

The touch screen is fully compatible with multi-touch

Bluetooth push call, SMS, WeChat, IQ message content synchronous display (170 countries and regions to push the full language library)

Heart rate monitoring dynamic heart rate monitoring

A pedometer measures steps, calories burned, and miles travelled

Sleep monitoring records and analyses your sleep objectively, scientifically, and quantitatively.

It turns on automatically at 9 pm to 9 am every day.

Call alert support call rejection

Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.0


M05 (4)M05 (1)M05 (7)