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Hair Loss Serum

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Fast Hair Growth





Promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. Nourishes hair and deeply repairs hair follicles. It also moisturizes hair, leaving hair shiny, silky and soft.


Ginseng extract, flower root, grape seed oil, glycerin, carbohydrates, propylene glycol, meth acrylic acid, rose oil.


Product specifications: 20ml / bottle


Shelf life: two years, the bottle cap is open, try to use up within 4 months

Size: 9.5(L) *5(W) *3.5(H)


How to use this item:


1. Make sure the scalp is clean and dry.

2. Put 1ml into the pipette.

3. Apply to the dry scalp, especially the sparse parts.

4. Massage the scalp for about 1 minute.

5. Dry naturally (takes about 2 minutes)



Hair Care Essence Plant Extract Conditioner Anti-Ginger Shampoo Hair Conditioner 20ML Growth Solution

Applicable hair symptoms: slow hair growth, hair growth, in elasticity, dull hair, easy to break, rough and uncomfortable, not soft.

Package Includes:


1* Hair growth liquid