Foldable LED Torch

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Hand Torch For Camping




Plastic shell wrapped in a layer of carbon black, feel good, non-slip.
Come with magnet and hook, Folding design, easy to use in a small space inside.
High COB LED, Low COB LED and LED light 5-different lighting modes to meet your lighting needs.
LED bulbs, green energy saving and environmental protection, the use of longer time.
Built-in battery, you can use the USB cable to charge.
Note:The small one no USB dust plug

Product parameters:

Model: Big or Small
Light bulb: 1×COB light strip +1×LED
Operating Modes: High COB LED, Low COB LED, LED, Red Light, Flash Red Light
Material: Plastic and Metal
Size: For the Big:14.8×4.7 cm
          For the Small:11×3.6 cm

Weight: Big:145g

Power supply: Built-in battery

Package Includes:

1 LED Work Flashlight

1 USB Charger