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Foldable Drinking Straw

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Foldable Collapsible

Reusable Straw


Material: Silicone + 304 stainless steel

Straw size: 9·6·23 mm

Packing size: 7.3·3.3·2.7 cm

100% brand new and high quality.

Collapsible, The reusable straw are perfect for your home bar

Made of stainless steel, the straw folds to fit into a keychain-sized recycled ABS carrier for access whenever you need it

The straw's interior tubing material is medical-grade TPE for drinking as safe for you

They are perfectly sized to fit in a glass or in many other short cocktail glasses

Reusable, You can use these straws again and again instead of throwing away plastic ones

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Rustproof and won't shatter like glass straws

Size: 21.5 · 0.6 m / 8.4” x 0.23”.


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