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Bicycle Case

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Quality Storage 

Bicycle Hard Case


Brand: Down change             

Product: Cycling hard shell rainproof front frame bag

Material: Nylon, PU                      

Process:  EVA an integral forming

Touch Film: TPU                               

Weight:   About 200g

Features: Hard shell rainproof material with  waterproof zip.

6.2inch (ca. 16 cm): suitable phone screen size : 5.0 -- 6.2 inch (ca. 16 cm)

6.0inch (ca. 15 cm): suitable phone screen size : 4.7 -- 6.0 inch (ca. 15 cm)


You can use fingerprint identification technology for Iphone6/6 Plus Iphone6/6S Plus Iphone7/7 Plus Iphone8/8 Plus.

High quality material makes it easy for friendly screen-touch. 


Strap design for quick release & installation, suitable for a variety of bicycles.


With zip pocket, safer for inside items and convenient to open / close.