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Atomizer Inhaler

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Pocket-Size Nebulizer

Clean Air Supply


Virtually silent in use

Pocket-size nebulizer, compact and portable

Low power consumption and efficient nebulization

Simple one button operation and easy to use

Can be used with mouthpiece or mask

Suitable for all ages

Food-Class Material

CE Certificate Proved

No Noise

Designed for Infant


Package Includes:

1  x Ultrasonic Nebulizer

2 x Mask (1 x adult size, 1 x pediatric size)

1 x Mouth Pieces

1 x USB Charger

1 x Instructions


By inhalation of a direct effect on the local treatment of respiratory tract lesions, the use of this technology to produce a large amount of fog, fog particles small and uniform. Inhalation can reach deep alveoli and dendritic bronchus, so that the liquid deposited in the deep respiratory tract, to achieve health care and treatment purposes.


The atomizer is to atomize the test solution. The atomizer is an important component of the atomization system, and its performance has a significant impact on the precision and chemical interference of the measurement. Therefore, the atomizer spray is required to be stable, the droplets are fine, uniform, and the atomization efficiency is high.


Mainly used for the treatment of various upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as colds, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis and other diseases of the trachea, bronchi, alveolar, chest. Nebulized inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method for the treatment of respiratory diseases. The nebulizer is used to atomize the liquid into tiny particles, and the drug enters the respiratory tract and lungs by breathing inhalation, thereby achieving painlessness. For the purpose of rapid and effective treatment, please use aerosolized administration under the doctor's advice.