Aluminum Alloy Pedals

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Product Description:

Name: mountain bike pedal

Weight: 310G

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum Alloy body, chrome molybdenum steel shaft

Size: 123×100×18 mm


Foot structure:


Foot surface: large feet trample performance strong, large contact area, the pace of the maximum force stampede kinetic energy is converted to kinetic energy of bicycle forward, painted matte black.

Surface anti slip nails: nail column design, to the foot full adhesion, foot on both sides of each nail column anti slide nails, nail column can not be replaced 8.

Closed type moisture bearing: using dual DU self lubrication design, good lubrication effect, waterproof and dustproof, easy maintenance.




Aluminum alloy body, light, good strength.

Big tread, foot grasping feet, trampling effect is good.