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Knitted Thermal Strap

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Knee Support Strap

Thermal Band

Color: Black and Green

Material: Urethane elastic Fiber 25%, polyester fiber 33%, nylon 42%

Size: M (36-40C M), L (40-44C M), x l (44-48c M)

Applicable: prevention or injury rehabilitation, every fitness sports.

Weight 130G


Full-way elasticity providers more fitting and more comfortable support against the bike, it keeps the knee warm and reliable.

It keeps knee warrior and relives environmental this pain.

Durable for a variety of fitness and sports.

All-directional elastic provide more fit and more comfortable support on the knee, it maintains knee warm appropriate, reduce chronic arthritis pain.

High elastic for the knee provide more fit and more comfortable support.

Maintain knee warm, mitigate chronic arthritis pain.

Suitable every fitness sports.