4 In 1 Makeup Foundation Eyebrow Shadow Blush

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Brush Set



It isn't only a great quality set, but also innovative at some point. As it will not only save you money and space in your purse. But, you will also appear to be the one 


That care about the style while adjusting your makeups in the toilet while dining out.

Just an example, nothing else. 


Brush Material: Synthetic Hair

Used With: Sets & Kits

Quantity: 4 in 1 Makeup Brushes

Model Number: Makeup brushes

Handle Material: Metal

Item Type: Makeup Brush



4-In-1-Makeup-Brushes-Foundation-Eyebrow-Shadow-Eyeliner-Blush-Powder-Brush-Cosmetic-Concealer-Professional-Maquiagem (4).jpg4-In-1-Makeup-Brushes-Foundation-Eyebrow-Shadow-Eyeliner-Blush-Powder-Brush-Cosmetic-Concealer-Professional-Maquiagem (2).jpg