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Amazing items for less. Let it be clothing, bags, watches, personal gadgets, shoes or else. Every order, even the smallest ones are automatically qualified for free global economy shipping.

Every item being dispatched from the same warehouse in the same parcel. The quality control process is simply unbeatable for the time period.

Every item is tested, and quality assurance services applied to it.

About sizes chart. Often the dresses and shoes displayed are labeled in CN sizes, but always in the description you'll find the conversion chart, so you can determine the actual size.

Allow, a few cm’s extra to have the best fit. In experience when you buy a stretchy dress. It is better to have some extra material on it and have it adjusted for little, than to have something unwearable after a nice dinner in example.

The qualities are very good including the materials they are made from.

The styles are often unusual for the prices we set and considering the free shipping we provide, even thought we can't guarantee super fast shipping are just out of the league.

We hope you will enjoy your product for a long period of time, and if you have any question, do contact us by email.


Kind regards

The team


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